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Nursing Homes

We are dedicated to provide your patients the best shoes/footwear and service possible. We help all types of Patients, those in long term care, short term, recovery, physical therapy, and memory care.

The first step is to give us a call at (502)437-0134 to talk to one of our nursing home consultants, they will be happy to anyswer any of your questions.

The two most common questions are:

"How much will it cost the nursing home or patient?" NOTHING! We only collect what we can recover from Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurances.

"Who is eligible for shoes, insoles, and other footwear at no cost?" One of our nursing home consultants will review the face sheet of all permanent residents, phyical therapy, memory care, and short term patients. They will provide the social worker with a list of all the patients that are eligible for diabetic footwear at no cost to patient or nursing home.

What's Next? Smart Feet will transfer this patient information from face sheets into the medical certification statement for therapeutic footwear.

Then these statements will be sent to the social worker at the nursing home. The social worker will then set an appointment with the attending physicans to have them review the statements and sign all of the statements that they have determined that diabetic shoes and insoles would reduce the chances of the patient getting an ulcer or other foot ailment.

The nursing home will then return the documents to us and we will schedule to come to the nursing home and do a foot examination of the patient, take a picture of each foot, scan each foot to determine correct size and allow us to provide information to manufacture the custom inserts.

After the scans are complete, the shoe fitter will show the patient about 20 different shoes to choose from. Depending on the patient's foot, the shoe fitter will recommend certain shoes to patient.

We will then order the shoes and/or insoles that should be ready for delivery in less than three weeks. 

We would then set an appointment to deliver the shoes and make sure they fit the patient properly.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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