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How much do diabetic/therapeutic shoes cost?

No cost to you! Medicare and most insurance companies will pay for one pair of diabetic shoes and three custom molded inserts per calendar year. On January 1st of every year, you will be eligible for another pair of shoes.

Why do you need therapeutic shoes?
How do you measure my foot properly?

Our mobile therapeutic shoe fitters will schedule a time with the patient to scan their foot. The scans are fast and efficient, and do not require us to touch the patients feet.

Why do you need therapeutic shoes?
Why do you need therapeutic shoes?

A common side effect of diabetes is 'peripheral neuropathy,' which causes loss of sensation in the extremities. Ill-fitting shoes which rub or pinch the feet excessively can lead to ulceration and foot injury, simply because the diabetic does not feel the injury until it is too late.

Why do you need therapeutic shoes?
What are diabetic ulcers, and how can I prevent them?

Diabetic ulcerations are often one of the first signs of complications from diabetes in the lower leg. These ulcers can stem from a small wound or cut on the foot that is slow to heal. If left untreated, ulcers can become harder to treat and could lead to amputation. If discovered early and treated by a podiatrist, ulcers may not lead to amputation.

How do I know if I need custom insoles?

Custom orthotics, also known as shoe inserts or arch supports, are designed to support problem spots in your feet. They can lift an arch, relieve heel pain, and/or help compensate for a toe joint deformity.

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